The other face The Hague

Its name evokes morae nuclear waste than walking to the sea. However, this piece of Cotentin, Brittany small exile in Normandy, offers a sublime coastline. Under sunny skies or threatening.


Under the sun

Tranquility in Port Racine This is the smallest port in France – 8 acres of area and pass entrance of 11 meters – a small quadrangle regularly washed by the tides. Above, small fishing huts with colorful doors. It would take almost in his arms. Prévert adored.  “Plus port, qu’épique. It is fabulous ! “, He said.



In the footsteps of the prévert Hotel Erguillère. Jacques Prévert had his habits (he was the chamber 7 yellow sun), and his bed was to enjoy the same horizon as today’s visitors. Quiet persistent sea to infinity, nice little breakfast served on the terrace to start the day. What will we do today? Nothing.


A from 60 €. Port Racine, Saint-Germain-des-Vaux. Tel. : 02-33-52-75-31.

Iodine overdose in March bella. The real good seaside restaurant with terrace strategic, compass advanced in the sun, idle pedestrians in the circle. He is there with his speed, the banter of the boss, mussels and chips, seafood platter and bottle bathing in ice. It’s like a fire. Hypnotic.


41, the Hable street, Omonville-la-Rogue. Tel. : 02-33-52-68-50.

Travel to the tropics to the Garden of Vauville. Subtropical Enclave 300 meters from the sea and its savory bites, elegant hardwood storm orchestrated by William Pellerin and Turckheim Cléophée. It’s like a painting of Henri Rousseau. Scholar, stunning, refreshing.

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The Castle, Vauville. Tel. : 02-33-10-00-00.

Port of Shadows

Coasting on the Circuit Gréville. The site is almost unreal, with its tarred laces, its control tower, its racing karts. Nothing to see with a scooter rally on a piece of parking: homologated circuit, school, flight training … The speed at ground level, almost lying.


The moor Saint-Nazaire, Greville-Hague. Tel. : 02-33-08-45-40.

A (re) discovery of Millet Gruchy.  The hamlet is lovely, almost manicured. The house does not break bricks but it is so pleasant in the evocation of the life of the author of  The Angelus  and The  Gleaners. You come out with a different view of the landscape, we seek some milky fog, silhouettes in the night speckled.


Hamlet Gruchy, Greville-Hague. Tel. : 02-33-01-81-91.

Grilled lobsters coffee Port is as we imagine: large windows, indigenous coasting, seafood platters and idleness – the vice of all seas. Grilled lobster for big days and adorable Service led by the boss. Sunset sun to bark and, if time sulking, real gravy train.


55 The Hable, Omonville-la-Rogue. Tel. : 02-33-52-74-13.

 Refined atmosphere in the Hotel Landemer. Two years of work, and here is the return of a mythical address where Claude Monet, Edith Piaf and Sagan had their habits. A delectable refuge coupled with a very serious restaurant.


From 85 €. 2, Customs Street, Urville-Nacqueville. Tel. : 02-33-04-05-10.

14. The South Downs Margaret Howell

The British clothing designer likes this southern region of England where she used to hike.

Enfant, she often traveled with her ​​parents in remote areas, away from the crowd, especially on the South Downs Way walking trail through the national park of the same name. She traveled for the first time at the age of 5 years. In 2000, Margaret Howell repeated this walk along the English Channel that connects Eastbourne to Winchester. “Every day I was walking alone, my backpack on his shoulders, she says. It was almost therapeutic, this silence. This awakened in me many memories. 


“I did hiking on the first half of the South Downs Way, from Eastbourne, a hundred kilometers. It took me one week, stopping regularly. In this photo, we see the end of the course, with the mist from the sea. ”


“I love this long series of hills, the sky, the perception of this empty space. This graph is very linear. Nobody lives there and walkers are rare, but we hear the sound of birds, which reminds me of my vacation when I was a child. ”


“The painter Eric Ravilious made ​​watercolors of the South Downs, around Beddingham, which I like very much. He was born in Sussex, not far away, and he was in love with this region. I was touched to see these landscapes that I had discovered through his eyes. ”



“All along the way, there are those pretty little ponds with perfect roundness. They were dug by man. Cows and goats were then used to smooth the mud and make real reservoirs that are filled with rainwater winter. ”


“During this trip, I sent my dad this postcard of the Parish Church of Pyecombe. While walking, I thought a lot of him. He was 93 years old at the time and he was starting a little lost memory. I’m glad he had sent this card because it recall the exact date of my getaway. “

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