Groix, a paradise for ecologists

The one we nicknamed the island with garnet is one of the best kept secrets of Morbihan. Less than an hour from Lorient, is the favorite island for hikers and environmentalists.

 Groix never managed to attract as many tourists as its big cousin, Belle-Ile-en-Mer. Good, the regulars just go there to escape the crowd. Only the Festival International insular film – dedicated this year to the Philippines – gathers every summer moviegoers the corner. Here, no resort luxury but a wild territory of eight kilometers out of three loving leftist intellectuals and, in particular, the Greens (Eva Joly is a homeowner) enjoying the few cars circulating in the island.

 When you set foot in Port-Tudy, a first stop is therefore required at one of the bicycle rental companies (Au Vert Bicycle, Bikini Bike or rental Groix). It then goes up the coast, stopping at the must-Ti Beudeff, a tavern where lovers find themselves sailing the Groisillons and visiting vacationers.

Labeled Natura 2000 area

 Hiking paradise, island, labeled Natura 2000 area (sites classified by the Ministry of Ecology for the rarity and fragility of their wildlife) offers many marked trails. Unavoidable, Les Grands Sables, one of the only convex beaches of Europe, the tiny beach of Priests, next to the Hell Hole, or the ride west that leads to Pen-Men Lighthouse.

 For a change of scenery total, residents grow to Port Saint-Nicolas, a cove with a small beach known for its rock of Cow throne amid the waters. Most tourists prefer to rent houses. And if the options in hotel cottages are limited, we can recommend the hotel and restaurant Ty Mad is located behind the old cannery Ecomuseum become renowned for its seafood platters.

 Finally, buckwheat pancakes, the Crêperie des Iles has the favor of the visitors. Those who are in their fifth “complete” the week rabattront on fish, also present at the card.

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On this channel island with unusual charm is flowing no car. Just do we cross a few carts pulled by horses, tractors and bicycles for guests.

S ituated ten kilometers of Guernsey, the Isle of Sark is more English than Norman. They speak English, we drink Pimm’s and beer, you can admire the white hat cricket matches and all excuses are good to make the festival at charitable events. Moreover, no question of saying Sark to talk of the island before its inhabitants settled the best local pub, The Mermaid Tavern. Here, they say Sark, with English.

Whether they ride on cliffs covered with emerald grass, lined with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, or in the gardens of rhododendrons, camellias and magnolias other, better shoes for Birkenstock or capable boots resist the passage of sheep and double ponies. And what say about the local micro-climate created by the Gulf Stream, the Barbour as K-Way are part of basic uniform, even in summer.

To ask his suitcases towards La Maison Rouge, one of the many traditional Bed and Breakfast. Rosanne, the owner, has left Sark for passing his degree at the Royal College of Art. This means if it is attached to his island of 5.4 square kilometers. The other option, a little more expensive for the night: rent the large house of Mr Hesters, a carpenter who built a wood frame and glass that can accommodate up to ten people.

During the day, vacationers are divided on the beaches of the Great Strike – attention to the 300 steps to get down to the great sands – to Dixcart Bay or at Venus Pool, inground natural pool in the rock that fills and empties the the tides. At the time of taste, while the world is found in the Tea Garden of Sablonnerie for the “cream tea” Elizabeth Perrée.

With a little luck, we will manage to book a table to eat a lobster Sark in the restaurant of the same address. That evening, after having clinked glasses with fishermen, advantage is the lack of lighting to observe the Milky Way. And provide to taste the next day, scones served with local whipped cream.

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